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The Importance of Education

The Impact of Injuries in Your Community - Saskatchewan is suffering from an injury epidemic. A silent epidemic, since many people are not aware of every day risks. The Education & Prevention Coordinators can conduct a community presentation that outlines why injuries are a concern, provide local and provincial injury data, the cost of injuries, and discuss how to prevent injuries.  They can assist in identifying community needs, and developing initiatives to address these needs.

Mild Brain Injury / Concussion - The Education & Prevention Coordinators can provide Information and/or give a presentation on mild brain injury not only for those who have sustained a mild brain injury/concussion, but also for their family/caregivers. The information identifies common symptoms of mild brain injury, discusses the effects of the injury on the client and their family, and provides tips for healing. For more information on mild brain injury/concussion, click here.



Acquired Brain Injury Partnership Project