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Links for Education on ABI

Acquired Brain Injury Education

Behaviour Management after Brain Injury fact sheets. These fact sheets were created by the Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Service in Australia, and the information is targeted to three audience groups:  Speech and Communication difficulties following an ABI - This website contains excellent resources, videos, and toolkits which can be part of training activities when working with individuals who have significant speech and language difficulties.  There are e-learning modules which can be used for staff orientation and training, and resources that can be used for educational sessions with clients and families. This site is hosted by ABI System Navigation of Southeastern Ontario, which is part of the South East Ontario Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). From this page, you can access an education series with a variety of topics. Each presentation was broadcasted from Parkwoods Hospital in London, Ontario. - preventing, treating, and living with traumatic brain injury (TBI) -
This comprehensive website provides information for people with brain injury, their families and friends, and professionals who work with them.  It includes multimedia presentations, personal stories, TBI resource listings, research findings in TBI, an "Ask the Expert" section and more.

Brain Streams - This website is hosted by the Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference Society of British Columbia.  Their Mission is to improve education on the brain and brain injuries, to help reduce isolation and to promote opportunities for collaboration.  The website is divided into three sections:  Learn, Connect and Find. 

Lash & Associates Publishing / Training, Inc is a great source for information and training on brain injury.

Synapse Fact Sheets. Synapse Inc (formerly Brain Injury Association of Queensland Inc; formerly Headway Queensland Inc.) was founded in 1984 by family members and friends of people who had sustained an Acquired Brain Injury. Their website contains many helpful fact sheet regarding a wide range of topics.

Working With People with Acquired Brain Injury
This New South Wales (Australia) website has been designed with professionals in mind (including referral staff, support workers, and case managers); however, the site will be useful to anyone working with people with ABI including family and friends. At the heart of the site are two Self-Study modules: 1) Introduction to ABI, and 2) Working with people with ABI. 
New South Wales also has self-study modules for professionals working in the area of Traumatic Brain Injury:

General Brain Education

Neuroscience for Kids - The Neuroscience for Kids website was created by Dr. Eric Chudler of the University of Washington in Seattle.  It is intended as a resource for students and teachers wanting to learn more about the nervous system, including brain function.  The website provides a fun way to learn about the nervous system through suggested experiments, activities and games.  

Resources for Various Types of Brain Injury

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada
The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is a national, not-for-profit organization that provides support, education and information for those affected by a brain tumour. 

Epilepsy Canada
Seizure disorders can sometimes be present after a brain injury.  This website provides useful information on the effects of seizures.

Heart and Stroke Foundation
Stroke causes injury to the brain.  This website provides general information regarding strokes and their prevention.  

Stroke Engine
This site has information for clients and families on rehabilitation topics and interventions.


Brain Injury Associations

Saskatchewan Brain Injury Association

Brain Injury Association of Canada

Ontario Brain Injury Association


Disability Issues

Saskatchewan government programs for people with disabilities 


SGI - Driving with a Medical Condition

Financial Services

Canada Revenue Agency - Disability Tax Credit, Registered Disability Savings Plan, etc

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Disability Benefit




Acquired Brain Injury Partnership Project