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ABI Presentations

Is your group looking for education on ABI? The ABI Outreach Teams may be able to help. The following are examples of presentation topics that have been delivered in the past.  Presentation content and length can be tailored to meet the needs of your agency/community group.

If you would like to talk about the possibility of an ABI Outreach Team doing a presentation for your group, please contact the ABI Outreach Team in your area.

Presentation Topic

Presentation Might Cover the Following Areas

ABI Partnership Project…

(serving individuals with ABI, their families and their communities)



Learn more about the Provincial ABI Partnership Project:

·         Who we are

·         What we do

·         Our mission

·         Service goals

·         Admission criteria

·         Referral and intake process

·         Team members

·         Education and prevention services

ABI Basics

·         What is an ABI

·         Glasgow Coma Scale (levels of severity)

·         Basic brain anatomy

·         Types of damage (local or diffuse)

·         Effects of ABI

o   physical

o   cognitive

o   emotional

o   behavioural

o   psychosocial changes

Tips for Working with ABI Survivors


·       What are the ABI Outreach Teams

·       What is an ABI

·       Common difficulties after moderate to severe ABI (physical, sensory, cognitive, emotional and behavioral)

·       Practical strategies for helping clients and families cope with changes

·       Memory strategies

·       Communication strategies 

·       Tips on how to modify treatment approaches

Rehabilitation Process

·       Learn more about phases of rehabilitation:

o   Rehabilitation professionals and their roles

o   Transition to community

Returning to Work/School after ABI

Learn about returning to school or work:

·         Challenges

·         Support systems  

·         Strategies for intervention

·         Recovery and outcomes

·         Resources available

Challenging Behaviours and ABI

Learn about challenging behaviours that might occur after an ABI:

·       Physical, cognitive, emotional, and social changes that can occur following ABI

·       How to deal with challenging behaviours

·       Assessing problem behaviours

·       The A-B-C’s of behaviour

·       Proactive strategies:

o   Environmental

o   Positive programming

o   Focused support

o   Reactive strategies

·       Preventing and managing anger

·       Sexual behaviour




·       Practical strategies for clients and families to cope with changes

·       Importance of recreation and leisure

·       Tips for healthy living

·       Fatigue

·       The importance of family

Caregiver Stress

·       Caregiver burnout

·       Stress (definition, signs, and symptoms)

·       Dealing with stress and burnout:

o   Acceptance

o   Taking care of your health

o   Finding a support system

Substance Use and ABI

Learn how substance use following ABI can:

·       Affect recovery

·       Increase risk of sustaining another injury

·       Resources that are available

Mental Health and ABI

·       Personality and behavioural changes after ABI

·       Depression

·       Anxiety

·       Psychosis

·       Psychosocial issues

·       Suicide

·       Post-traumatic stress disorder

Community Recreation and ABI

·         Benefits of physical activity

·         Motivation

·         Tips on how to get active

·         Setting goals

·         Community resources






Acquired Brain Injury Partnership Project