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About Us

Saskatchewan Health and Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) established a unique partnership in 1996 to create a coordinated and integrated continuum of community-based services for individuals with an acquired brain injury and their families.

A range of programs, including three regional outreach teams, are funded to enable clients, families and caregivers to receive education, case management, life enrichment, independent living support and vocational services as close to their home communities as possible. These programs provide service within three geographic service areas (north, central, south).  

Injury prevention programs are also funded throughout the province in an attempt to prevent some of the approximately 2,200 brain injuries1 that occur in Saskatchewan each year.

The Community Injury Prevention Grants Program was developed to enable groups to establish, enhance and/or deliver programs that address issues in their communities related to traffic safety and injury prevention.

1 SP Research Associates (1992). Planning for the Needs of People with Acquired Brain Injury in Saskatchewan. Regina, SK. Unpublished.


Brain Injury - Did You Know?

“The only cure for brain injury is prevention.”


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide individual and family support to people with acquired brain injury so that they may live successfully in their communities with improved quality of life.


Partnership Vision

When the ABI Partnership was established in 1996, the Acquired Brain Injury Working Group set out a vision that continues to inform the Partnership’s service direction 15 years later.

Saskatchewan will have a comprehensive, integrated system of supports, resources and services that will enhance the rehabilitation outcomes and improve the quality of life for individuals with acquired brain injury and their families. This system will promote the self-determination of individuals, as well as participation and (re)integration into community life.


Service Goals

Our Service Goals are as follows:

  1. To make the most of a person’s abilities.
  2. To be a link between hospital and community.
  3. To work with communities to adapt their existing services to meet the needs of the person with an acquired brain injury.
  4. To work with families and caregivers to maintain their own health and quality of life.
  5. To educate clients, family members and the community about ABI issues.
  6. To be an ongoing contact for support, follow-up, evaluation and education.

Who Can We Help

To qualify for services, individuals must meet the following eligibility criteria**:

Families and caregivers, community agencies and schools who require resources, education and support are also eligible for service.

Special Notes:
**Individuals are prioritized for services based on time since injury with priority given to those whose injury occurred in the past three (3) years.
**Individuals who have a congenital brain injury or one that is a result of a progressive condition are not eligible for services under this program.



Acquired Brain Injury Partnership Project