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ABI Survivors & Families

If you or someone you care about has an acquired brain injury, contact an ABI Outreach Team or an ABI Regional Coordinator located closest to you for more information on what services we can offer you.

In addition to the outreach teams, regional co-ordinators, and education and prevention coordinators, the Partnership funds 25 community programs that serve survivors of brain injury. To find the program best suited to your situation, contact your Regional ABI Coordinator or Outreach Team.

Our Service Goals are as follows:
  1. To make the most of a person's abilities.
  2. To be a link between hospital and community.
  3. To work with communities to adapt their existing services to meet the needs of the person with an acquired brain injury.
  4. To work with families and caregivers to maintain their own health and quality of life.
  5. To educate clients, family members and the community about ABI issues.
  6. To be an ongoing contact for support, follow-up, evaluation and education.
Applicants are individuals who:
Family members and caregivers of brain injured individuals, employers, community agencies and other helping professionals may also access services.



Acquired Brain Injury Partnership Project