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Injury Prevention

Who are we?

The Provincial Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Education and Prevention Program is part of a comprehensive strategy managed by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health and funded by Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI).

Injury Prevention programs have been funded throughout the province in an attempt to prevent some of the approximately 2200 brain injuries that occur in Saskatchewan each year.

The SGI/ABI Community Grant Program was developed to enable groups to establish, enhance, and/or deliver programs that address issues in their communities related to traffic safety and injury prevention.

Who can we help?

Individuals, families, professionals, organizations and community groups interested in developing or enhancing injury prevention and education initiatives.

How can we help?

The Acquired Brain Injury Education & Prevention Coordinators may assist communities to develop, coordinate, facilitate, and evaluate education and injury prevention initiatives. If your community has an ongoing project, we may be able to support or enhance that project in some way. The Education & Prevention Coordinators will also research and distribute resources to communities.



Acquired Brain Injury Partnership Project