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Falls Prevention

Falls Prevention

In Saskatchewan, across almost every age group, falls are identified as the number one cause of injury-related hospitalizations.

The Canadian Falls Prevention Curriculum© (CFPC) is designed to build on existing knowledge and skills of health professionals and community leaders working in the area of falls prevention among older adults (those 65 and over).

The goal of the Canadian Falls Prevention Curriculum is to give participants the knowledge and skills needed to operate from a evidence-based approach to seniors falls and fall-related injury prevention, including:

  1. an approach to selection of interventions consistent with proven prevention strategies;
  2. an understanding of how to integrate falls prevention programming into existing seniors’ health services policies and protocols; and
  3. knowledge of appropriate evaluation and dissemination techniques.

Participants will learn about current effective programs, and the reliability and validity of existing resources and tools for screening and assessing fall risk. To ensure the potential for synergy in falls prevention along the continuum of services for seniors, the course covers a number of settings: community organizations, home support, health service delivery, long-term care, acute care, rehabilitation and emergency services.

The Canadian Falls Prevention Curriculum (CFPC) E-Learning is available "On Request" through the University of Victoria.  A CFPC E-Learning On Request session can be scheduled to provide customized learning for your organization or network of colleagues. Click here for further details.


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